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Global Office and Courier

21-F, CMA Building, 64 Connaught
Road, Central, Hong Kong

Phone & Fax

Ph. +852 300-85855
Fax: +852 300-85855

Connecting With Us – Important Information

We pride ourselves in keeping our lines of communication open and fast, and a member of our team is always close by to answer any questions you may have. However, our team members (like most people) often get busy throughout the day with various tasks and duties. Your inquiries are very important to us so please know that if we cannot be reached immediately, please leave us a message and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

But we’ll be up front here; the best and fastest way to get in touch is by email. It’s our policy to answer all of our customers within 24 business hours, and we really prefer to handle our communications this way. It helps us contend with global time zones and it gives us a running log of your inquiry, just in case one team member needs to pick up where another left off.

Oh one more thing, many of the questions our customers need answered we’ve included in our very detailed and comprehensive FAQ. We have upwards of 30 questions answered in there now! This is the best way to get your questions answered quickly!

We want to thank you for allowing us to be your investment ally. Our pledge remains; to support you fully, and develop a lasting relationship with you. So…Let us know how we can help!