Brava Fund (v4)

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Brief: BRAVA FUND is an algorithmic momentum/volume based trading strategy which looks to capture breakout trade momentum across the G12 currency basket. This is a multi-versioned strategy and we are currently trading with version 4 of the strategy due to better long-term back-models.

  • Risk Profile: Low Risk
  • Style: Systematic/Algo
  • Volume: Medium

Old Previous Versions

  • Gross Profit Targets: 15-30% per annum
  • Anticipated max drawdown at 1x Risk: -12%

* Notes:
* Max anticipated drawdown is a value which may, or may not have been encountered yet, but is forecasted by the trade teams as a maximum worst case scenario to plan for, and it is a good number to project/plan for when setting equity protection stop loss values or risk multipliers on your account.

This strategy is suitable for all styles of investors, in particular those who prefer systematic / algo traded strategies, or those looking for further diversification. The strategy targets high quality risk-adjusted reutnrs looking to produce smooth and stable stress-free gains, year after year.

Because of the low risk nature of the strategy patience is often required with it, while it goes through continual cycles of defense/risk-management and growth cycles.

  • Minimum Investment: $5,000 USD (or equivalent)
  • Hold Your Account In: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD
  • Fund Your Account By: Bank Wire, Neteller, Credit Card or UnionPay
  • Fees (< $100,000 USD Deposit): 30% High Water Mark (MFH Basic)
  • Fees (> $100,000 USD Deposit): 25% High Water Mark (MFH Connoisseur)
  • Customizable Risk? Yes, user defined between 0.1x – 4x notional
  • Equity Protection? Yes, global account stop loss available

Why Brava is so Unique

Here are a few reasons to justify why we feel Brava is one of the top FX Funds globally, a “must have” strategy in anyone’s portfolio, and also why we feel that chances are high that it has a healthy future ahead:

Intra-day Trading

Brava employs short-term trading with tight stop-losses (average TPs and SLs of 30 pips). This keeps market exposure very, very low. The algo simply sits on the sidelines waiting for trade setups to occur. In doing so it avoids much of the devastating market “chaos” that many traders inevitably get caught up in.

Price Action Based

The strategy is price-action based. No technical indicator (lagging) based methodologies are required here. Trading is less “market dependent” and instead is based on volumetric and price action data, leaving it much less susceptible to “black box” trading problems and periods of prolonged under-performance.

Constantly Improving

Brava is constantly evolving and improving (actively managed by quants) to ensure it always stays ahead of the curve and remains well-equipped to handle an ever-changing market. New versions, programs, and strategies are always being developed, tested, and strategically deployed to improve its risk:reward profile.

Small Market Footprint

No “hold and hopes” – EVER! Losses are cut diligently and either we win or we lose each trade quickly, and know where we stand until the next trade setup occurs. Investors never have to sweat through gut-wrenching long term draw-downs ever again. This makes the journey just as pleasant as the destination for us all.

Long-Term Strategy Focus

The core strategies focus on volatility breakouts, volume changes, and market momentum. While the markets are dynamic and always changing, all of these are conditions that always have, and always will occur in the financial markets to an almost certain degree. The strategy’s edge revolves around this concept.

The Right Team

The full team surrounding Brava are constantly growing, improving, and are forward thinking, positive, and are true professionals aligned with us for undisputed success. This is important as there are no politics and ego’s at play (which is often a huge problem which plagues the financial industry).

Algorithmic Trade Execution

Brava employs an emotionless approach to trading, consisting of highly advanced computer algorithms, data mining, and machine learning (yet with a continual human overlay). The financial markets are no place for manual discretion, analysis, and human emotions. Algos are proven to do this much more effectively.

Risk Adverse

The key to Brava’s excellent risk-adjusted rates of return, are achieved via it’s risk management. Risk is continually being measured and managed on multiple different levels. It has a huge continuity plan, risk management protocol, and safety strategy built in at the foundation to mitigate against market threats.


Brava’s proof is truly in the pudding! 10 years of back models + 5 years of live, real money, and real market proof + survivability (it hasn’t just survived, it has THRIVED during this time) truly make Brava Fund the “rare white buffalo”. It is tough to argue with data and even tougher to compete with live verifiable proof!

Your Own Managed Account

The managed account structure is the best in the entire investment industry – period. Funds stay segregated in your own personal trading account at all times within your full control and with the option to close at any time with no lock in periods  (i.e., your investment is always fully secure, in your sole control, and completely liquid). You can hold your funds in USD, EUR, GBP, or AUD so there is no need for costly conversions. Moreover you have the ability to customize your own risk level of Brava Fund, and set a firm global equity stop loss in your account so that you can invest stress-free.

Brava is one of the most consistently profitable and “sleep easy” risk-adverse FX algos available in the entire industry. Our online application takes less than 5 minutes! Make a smart decision and start your investment journey with Brava today.