Agile Portfolio – Overview

Our Agile Portfolio of algos are “house made” automated trading systems designed by our own team of analysts and close colleagues as a collaborative effort to build a well-structured, diversified, and properly balanced algo-based portfolio. These are somewhat “experimental” in nature in that we often only start a live track record for these once they come out of final production and development.

So while they all have strong supporting back models, some of them have relatively short forward live market track records. The funds are best utilized together as a “portfolio product” as they are designed to compliment each other. That said, while these are all available to our clients for investment (and portfolio building) discretion is advised as unlike our core funds, some of these funds have not had a chance to fully prove themselves for lengthy periods of time in a live market environment yet.

Due to this, we have kept the minimum investment participation amount low, and our fees are also lower and based on their time/exposure in the live market. Currently this is as follows;

  • < 6 months live record: 15% performance fee for MFH Basic (free for MFH Connoisseur Clients)
  • 6 months – 1 year live record: 20% performance fee for MFH Basic (15% for MFH Connoisseur Clients)
  • > 1 year live record: 25% for MFH Basic (20% for MFH Connoisseur Clients)